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LED reflector 30W portable SLIM 1800lm charging 12VDC IP65, 4000K


Portable Led reflector with built-in accumulator with increased capacity finds its use in constructions, workshops, camping or wherever you do not have access to the mains.

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  • Water resistance IP65
  • Hermetically sealed switch and charging connector socket
  • Smoothly adjustable lamp tilt
  • Not warming up
  • LED light source lifetime of more than 35,000 hours

Technical specifications:

  • 30 W - COB Epistar LED Chip
  • Colour temperature: cold 6500K cold white
  • Lighting time: 4.5 hours
  • Power supply: 8,4VDC , 4400mAh
  • Material: aluminium, glass, PVC
  • Colour: yellow

The set includes:

  • LED reflector 30W with built-in battery - 1
  • 12V DC car charger - 1 car charger.
  • 100-240 AC charger - 1

The reflector has an increased capacity to 4400mAh, which ensures a continuous lighting time of 4.5 hours at high luminosity. Continuously adjust the angle of light. Water resistance IP 65 allows use in falling rain.

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